brady lynch     artist - sioux falls, south dakota

Brady Lynch studiedArt in collegealmost a decade ago,but has recently begun actively creating acrylic, oversized, textured paintings. His work is usually done impulsively while sitting at his downtown studio that overlooks a railroad, aged buildings and the 10th Street Bridge (all of which he has included in his work). For example, his piece titled "Saturday" was done on a Saturday when he wasn't feeling overly creative and figured he'd just paint how he felt...numb and jaded. "15 Red Roosters" was painted while listening to Big Mama Thornton's version of "Little Red Rooster". All of his paintings have a story, but it may be as simple as his mood that day. Brady sees art as a timeless piece of one's life.

If you would like to inquire aboutpurchasing a piece of his work or availability of a painting, you can contact him at or 605-941-4201. Thank you.
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